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Saving you Time and Money by offering true convenience and rock bottom deals:
We are a one stop online solution where you can look, try-on (input prescription) and buy and you can do it all online. Now that's convience!
Read on to see how we can save you money…
Why our Upper Designer Range of frames are exempt from 2 for 1 deals:
Unfortunately the cost from the supplier is too high for frames sold within this range to be offered as a 2-for-1 deal: We like to keep a close eye on the competition but the ethos of the company is ikonic vision. Unfortunately the cost price of the higher end designer frames make it impossible to do a 2-for-1 deal without charging you an extortioate amount of money. For this reason we only offer high end designer range in a buy one only manner.
Have a look at our comptitors and you'll see that they don't offer those brands in their 2-for-1 deals either. Not only that, some of our competitors are selling unbranded glassses for up to £90….You won't find that sort of thing with us! So even though you won't get a 2-for-1 in the couture range you'll be buying a high end frame for 60% less than the high street with lenses up to 90% cheaper!
Our 2-for-1 deals explained…
When we say "free standard lenses in 2-for-1 deals", what do we mean by "standard lenses"?
Standard lenses tend to be old fashioned in design and physically the thickest / heaviest choice - but hey - check it out - our lens package deals are usually the cheapest around. If you buy only one pair of glasses then "Standard lenses" refers to single vision 'distance' lenses only and thus preclude bifocal, varifocal and photochromic lenses.
When you buy one of our 2-for-1 deals, you have the option of getting free budget single vision in both pairs. For 2-for-1 bifocal or varifocal purchases, we offer a complimentary set of standard bifocal or varifocal lenses in one pair of frames only and then you'll have to pay for the lenses for the second pair.
(don't panic, our prices for lenses are up to 92% cheaper than some of our more illustrious competitors)
Save money in a recession, Collaborate with a friend to take advantage of our 2 for 1 deals!
Yes you can and here's how:
Choose the first frame for yourself, enter your own prescription and proceed to checkout, there you will see a prompt to order the second frame. Click on the prompt and
choose the second frame. When prompted to enter your prescription for the second chosen frame you should then enter your friends prescription and proceed to checkout.
Note 1: The two of you must choose lenses from within the same generic lens grouping, ie. If frame no.1 gets a distance lens then only a distance lens can be chosen for frame no.2.
Note 2: Both frames will be dispatched to the buyers address as our contract is with the buyer. We do not post to multiple addresses.
Which frames are NOT part of 2-for-1 deals?
Answer: The most expensive tend to be sold in buy one pair only deals. In this way Ikonicvisionexpress4less offers rock bottom price deals at the lower end of the market while offering our most expensive up-market designer brands at ultra competitive prices and simultaneously covers the 2-for-1 market in the mid to high range. We aim cover all cost bases with ikonic style.