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Welcome to Our website is designed to make your glasses purchase a quick and easy experience through a simple intuitive process.

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Merely looking at glasses frames is really no indication of how they will look on your face when tried on so we strongly recommend that you try-on all glasses frames that you think you like right here on our website using our virtual mirror try-on system.

Try-on your Glasses Live online right here using Virtual Mirror!

Click the "Try Frames on Now" button to go to the Virtual Mirror portal. Those of you with webcams seeking a live experience should click on the webcam icon (top left of Virtual Mirror) and then click the radio button to "allow web-cam start up". Those of you without webcams can try the alternative 2-D Try-On: simply click "Load Photo" to  upload a close-up front facing .jpg image of your face. Your picture should be a bright photograph that was taken while you were not wearing any glasses! Lots of people have made this mistake; you’ll only end up trying on our glasses frames on top of your other glasses!.

Check the glasses / frame dimensions before you Buy!

We list a table of dimensions with an assocaited dimensional diagram for all optical frames. Before you commit to buying, you should get out a ruler and compare the measurements of any prospective glasses frame with the measurments of your current glasses frame to make sure that they are similar in bridge width, temple length and approx frame-length as a minimum. (Approx frame-lengh = [lens diamter x 2] + bridge width + 20mm). For completeness, you should also check the lens-depth against your existing glasses to make sure that the prospective frame is not too deep or too shallow. Note: the exact bridge width and lens diameter of your current glasses will be written inside one of the arms. You may also see the temple length written here.

Customers of Rimless frames please beware!

You should not choose a lens index greater than 1.6 index!

Please note that 1.67 and 1.74 indices are too thin for rimless frames because of the increased risk of chipping / cracking without the support of a full or semi rimless frame.

Here’s all you’ll need to know about your prescription:


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Deciphering Your prescription



Which lens option is right for you?

Click the following link for some easy advice to guide your choice: Choosing your Lens Options PDF