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About Us

www. Ltd. is a UK registered company operating to best practice UK and EU regulations and standards. All of our lenses are manufactured to full BS EN ISO 8980/ BS2738 and complete spectacles conform to BS2738 quality standards. All of our frames are covered by CE (European conformity accreditation).

Our Mission:

To be the lowest-cost, biggest value prescription eyewear provider in the UK.
We aim to provide the most cost effective ikonic eyewear in the UK via the easiest way to try on and buy glasses online.  We're starting off small but we'll keep adding to our collection. For now, we aim to beat all of the high street competition on value; but  as time goes on we aim to beat them all on choice and style too. Our commitments to ikonic style, clear vision, express delivery and low cost is why we've called ourselves

What makes us different from other UK suppliers?

We are a one stop shop for buying prescription glasses on

You can do all of the following from home without even getting out of your chair:

  • Look, browse glasses and find some that you like
  • Try them on virtually 
  • Enter your prescription, choose your lens option and buy.

How do we do it? Why are we cost leaders? is a 100% online solution so we save on nearly all of the costs associated with bricks'n'mortar stores on the high street. We don't have the commercial property rents or council rates or the same staff overheads as a high street operator so we pass all of the savings on to you!

ikonic Elevator Pitch:

We are your ideal online supplier if:

  1. You're time-poor and want to be able to try on glasses frames in the privacy of your own home at your own leisure.
  2. You want the simplest way to try and buy glasses online via an easy intuitive experience with a speedy product delivery.
  3. You want gorgeous frames that won’t cost you your shirt
  4. You want lenses at prices up to 90% cheaper than the high street: i.e. undisputable cost leadership.
  5. You want credible competence and technical expertise to BSI and ISO9001.
  6. You want to deal with a UK supplier committed to providing the highest standards in customer service, integrity and honesty.
  7. You want Security – the physical safety of the customer or privacy of customer related information.

Why should you believe what we have to say?

Check our lens price comparator guide page. View our Comparator Guide page
Call into a high street optician and compare prices.
Do your own investigations online and you’ll find that we mean what we say and we deliver what we promise.

Why should you do anything about what we are offering?

  • You can quickly search for frames based upon the dimensions of your own glasses only using our Quick Frame Selection tool.
  • You’re having a bad glasses day and you know you need to take some action now to reveal a fresher looking you!
  • You're looking for eye appeal with buy appeal and you've found it right here!
  • You prefer to buy from a British company.
  • You want a one stop online solution because you just don’t have the time to visit the high street.

Why should you act now?

Because looking good makes you feel good and that's priceless.

You found eye appeal with buy appeal: take advantage of our unbeatable deals.